Macabee Estate Dorper Stud is located on "Baillee Farm" 90kms North East of Perth in the Avon Valley, between the towns of Toodyay and Northam. The farm is predominantly a grazing property with a small cropping enterprise. In addition to the dorper stud, the property runs 1500 breeding ewes of mixed breeds.

The Stud was established in 2003 with the initial purchase of stud ewes and embryos from Yandiah Dorper Stud. Since then new genetics have been sourced from across Australia to ensure genetic diversity and help achieve our breeding objectives. We are committed to breeding masculine well muscled rams and feminine fertile ewes. While the stud is commercially focused using objective measurements to improve flock traits, the breed standards are maintained.

At Macabee, we believe the traits of the Dorper: hardiness, adaptability, low maintenance and high fertility, make them an ideal breed for the landholder. Regardless of the size of the holding, Dorpers are a low input, low maintenance, high output animal. In addition the Dorpers increased resistance to parisites, results in the reduced use of chemicals and together with their excellent feed conversion capacity, makes them an ideal breed for those wanting to produce more sustainable lamb, or organic or bio-dynamic lamb.